Body Remodeling

Lipolysis – Firming – Treatment of Cellulitis

As we age, the skin and muscles of the body lose their elasticity and begin to relax. This phenomenon also occurs at younger ages, usually after weight loss, without the simultaneous exercise. The remodeling of the silhouette, the loss of weight and the improvement of body imperfections can now be achieved without surgery, painlessly and with absolute safety.

In our clinic, we can offer a comprehensive treatment of local fat, sagging and cellulite, with the unique multifunctional platform 3-MAXPLUS. 3-MAXPLUS integrates 3 leading technologies Cavitation, MultipolarRF and VacuumRF. It is the most complete and permanent, non-invasive method of liposculpture, which can provide a solution to any aesthetic repair of the face, neck and body.

What is Cavitation and how does it work?

  • Ultrasound lipolysis

Cavitation is a modern technology of focused ultrasound of a specific frequency that causes the reduction of the volume of fat cells and the liquefaction of the fat contained in them (lipolysis). It is proven to be the only non-invasive technique with such immediate and visible results, from the very first session. It is indicated for the destruction of fat cells in any area with excess fat, the treatment of cellulite, and body liposuction.

Ideally, it is combined with mechanical lymphatic massage (VacuumRF) and with radio frequencies (MultipolarRF). Additional help in this process is the consumption of a lot of fluids, so that we can achieve a better elimination of toxins, as well as physical exercise.

How multipolar radio frequencies (MultipolarRF) work

  • Multi-level tightening

Radiofrequency body treatments intervene dynamically and bloodlessly. They heat the skin on many levels, causing intense regeneration of collagen and elastin, resulting in firming, improving sagging skin and reducing spots. It is characteristic that when they act in deeper layers they also increase the metabolism of fat cells.

The powerful RF heads of 3-MAXPLUS impress with the effect they give on tightening, reducing volume and improving skin texture. The results are long-lasting and the improvement continues even after the application is over. Radio frequencies can be combined with cavitation and VacuumRF lymphatic massage for even better results.

MultipolarRF treatment is fast, painless and provides the sensation of a warm massage. It is ideal for any skin type and at any time, as it does not cause photosensitivity, redness or any other symptom.

What is the effectiveness of mechanical lymphatic massage (Vacuum RF)?

  • Comprehensive decongestion

According to estimates, over 90% of women have cellulite, and it doesn't just appear in those with increased body fat. 3-MAXPLUS exercises continuous suction – compression with lymphatic massage, empties fat cells by reducing their volume and achieves multi-level tightening. Its powerful rhythmic suction is adjustable and increases the rate of lymphatic circulation, reducing fluid retention and rejuvenating skin cells.

Vacuum RF treatment has proven effectiveness in cellulite and localized fat, while at the same time "sculpting" the body. It is also recommended for women who have just given birth, but also for menopausal women who have retention due to hormonal disorders.