CO2 Fractional Laser Edge ONE

Fractional & Vaginal Laser

The ultimate experience of high aesthetics

CO2 fractional laser Edge ONE is the latest innovative creation of the largest Korean company, Jeisys, and one of the largest companies worldwide, in the field of aesthetic medicine. The CO2 fractional laser Edge ONE offers the incomparable precision as a surgical tool and the ultimate experience as a tool of highly aesthetic medicine. It has established itself as the "Global Gold Standard" in its category due to its proven incomparable technological features as well as its excellent and unparalleled manufacturing quality. The sense of excellence that CO2 fractional laser Edge ONE exudes has been unquestionably confirmed by the American Food and Drug Control Organization, the FDA, which granted it its globally recognized certification.

The powerful CO2 fractional laser EdgeONE emits successively and at an unrivaled high speed microbeams of Laser-photons with a wavelength of 10600nm, scanning with absolute precision an area of ​​the skin and creating microthermal columns at a specific-predetermined distance between them. Each column consists of a central zone - sublimation column (ablation zone) and a surrounding thermal zone (thermal zone) or protein lysis zone. The CO2 fractional laser Edge ONE with the use of the advanced EdgePulse causes the minimum diffusion of the thermal column, resulting in the highest level of safety and the impressively fast, as far as it concerns CO2 fractional laser, recovery of the patient without the well-known "burning" sensation.

CO2 fractional laser treatment is applicable in the following cases:

  • Acne scars
  • Wrinkles
  • Expanded pores
  • Diffuse discolorations
  • Post-traumatic – post-surgical scars (hypertrophic – atrophic)
  • Streaks
  • Aged and dull skin