3 MAX Plus


The most comprehensive and permanent, non-invasive method of liposculpture

3-MAXPLUS, the unique platform that integrates all three cutting-edge Cavitation/MultipolarRF/VacuumRF technologies, is the most complete and permanent, non-invasive liposculpture method, providing a solution to any face, neck and body cosmetic repair.


  • Dramatic reduction of all stages and types of cellulite
  • Instant face/neck/body tightening with simultaneous fat breakdown
  • Total body redesign
  • Face lifting with impressive wrinkle reduction
  • Antiaging
  • Reduction of local fat
  • Fight against dark circles
  • Immediate reduction of fluid retention
  • Removal of toxins and fatty acids
  • Improvement of lymphatic and venous circulation
  • Double chin reduction


Ultrasonic liposuction

Cavitation is the technology of focused ultrasounds of a specific frequency that act in the intercellular space of adipose tissue, creating small cavities (bubbles-cavities), which leads to the definitive and permanent destruction of fat cells (lipolysis) and the liquefaction of the fat contained in them (lipolysis). 3-MAXPLUS Cavitation, emitting at a specific frequency, is proven to be the only non-invasive technique to deal with cellulite, to destroy fat cells in any area with excess fat and to sculpt the body, with such immediate and visible results from the 1st session.

Multipolar RF

The multi-layered tightening

The innovative 3-MAXPLUS platform features three high-power multi-polar RF heads, of different sizes and different penetration depths, which heat the skin on many levels, at the thermo-therapeutic limits, and cause intense regeneration of collagen and elastin. It is also characteristic that when they act in deeper layers they also increase the metabolism of fat cells. The powerful RF heads of 3-MAXPLUS impress with the effect they give on tightening, reducing volume and improving skin texture.

Vacuum RF

The total decongestion

3-MAXPLUS presents the most effective mechanical cellulite lymphatic massage, with simultaneous multi-level tightening, which works really deep into the tissues and rejuvenates the skin cells. Its powerful rhythmic suction, adjustable at the touch of a button, increases the rate of lymphatic circulation by reducing fluid retention in the periphery, as 10% of the body's extracellular fluid in the periphery is drained through the lymphatic pathway.